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Whether it's for training seminars, team building, motivation, strategic meetings, product launches, leadership workshops, wellness events, corporate retreats, couch meetings, photoshoots & shoots, our unique venue is ideal for making these corporate events unforgettable.

6 accommodations (capacity: 16 people)
Dining room 75 m2: 16 people | 100 m2 living room | 100 m2 multi-purpose room | 2x massage rooms (20m2) | Clock-room (15 m2) | Heated pool, sun-bathing areas | 1 sauna | 4 jacuzzis (24/7) | Hammock Forest (7) 

contact: Naf Pinto Duraes | | +33 767 718 463

Natural perfume creation

Discover the art of natural perfume creation, blending pure essential oils and botanical extracts to craft your unique scent. Engage in a sensory journey, learning about the delicate balance of top, heart, and base notes to compose a personal fragrance that resonates with your essence.

Forest bathing (breathe walk)

Forest bathing, also known as "Shinrin-yoku" in Japanese, refers to the practice of taking leisurely walks in a forest for health benefits. It's a mindful, slow-paced walk that fosters a deep connection with nature, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Insect and wine pairings 

Explore the innovative world of insect and wine pairings, where the unique flavors of edible insects are matched with the nuanced profiles of fine wines. This culinary adventure invites you to challenge your palate, combining the earthy tones of insects with the complex aromas and tastes of wine, creating a surprisingly harmonious and unforgettable tasting experience.

Escape game (indoor/outdoor)

Dive into the thrilling adventure of an escape game, available in both indoor and outdoor settings. Navigate through a series of puzzles and clues that challenge your problem-solving skills and teamwork. Whether escaping from a meticulously designed room or unraveling mysteries in an expansive outdoor space, this experience promises excitement, adrenaline, and the ultimate test of your wits under pressure.

Rum masterclass

Immerse yourself in the rich world of rum with a masterclass designed to educate and delight. From the history of rum production to the subtleties of aging and blending, this experience offers a deep dive into the craft behind your favorite spirit. Taste a variety of rums, learning to distinguish their unique characteristics and flavors, and gain insights into the art of rum-making from expert distillers.

Yoga (ground and aerial)

Ground and aerial yoga each offer distinct benefits to practitioners, catering to various aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being; namely improving flexibility, strengthening the body, and promoting mental clarity.

Hear it from Naf


Yv Corbeil, Managing Director, Niji

"Usually, executive seminars are as memorable as a bowling game. The one we did here is an indelible experience we still talk about."
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