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Experience an immersive journey through design and the human presence in nature, offered in unique lodgings.

Live a uniquely vibrant experience, rich in sensations, engaging all five senses, connecting us and prompting reflection on our presence within this all-encompassing nature. A high-end, tailor-made stay that stimulates thought, revitalizes the spirit, and indulges in the utmost well-being.

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Bubble Tents

Space Odyssey

Fans of retro-futurism and the Space Age, or those simply wishing to connect with the Milky Way, will find this high-end bubble complex the epitome of unusual lodging. It stands as a true tribute to the work of visionary S. Kubrick. Guests enter as if boarding a spacecraft, closing the airlock doors behind them before stepping inside. A photo from the movie and a painting of HAL (the emotion-enabled AI) greet visitors, setting the scene from the outset. Welcome aboard.

The Lodge

Out Of Africa

Welcome to Kenya! The 'Out of Africa' lodge draws inspiration from the masterpiece autobiography by writer K. Blixen. Many are more familiar with this story through the beautiful film by S. Pollack, starring R. Redford and M. Streep, released in 1986. This custom-designed lodge, with attention to every detail down to the light switches, boasts excellent insulation (using wood fiber), ensuring a consistent indoor temperature. The view from beneath the forest canopy, where sunlight filters through, is breathtakingly beautiful.


The Yurt

Bohemian Chic

This unique and poetic accommodation is the most spacious, covering 66 square meters. It can accommodate an entire family or a group of friends with its four beds. This traditional Mongolian yurt is adorned with characteristic paintings and bohemian chic decor, sourced from various origins. A clever blend of materials and colors pleases the eye. The countless wool rugs strewn across the floor testify to the sought-after mix of diverse backgrounds.

Gatsby Suite

The Gatsby Suite is an invitation to the luxury of 1920s NYC. True to F. Scott Fitzgerald's imagination, whose novel can be read in the suite, Naf first drew inspiration from the grand bathroom with its greenish ceramic tiles. From this leitmotif, the suite was born — masculine, with noble materials. Between chiaroscuro and a mix of burled wood, gold, silver, textiles, and thick velvets, we are immediately propelled into the luxurious universe of The Great Gatsby.

bed gatsby suite inside a bubble tent lost in sensations
bed riviera suite inside a bubble tent lost in sensations

Riviera Suite

The Riviera Suite is inspired by resort spots in southern Mediterranean countries, such as France and Italy, from the early 20th century. It’s the Belle Époque, and everything is designed to make you feel happy, distinguished, and relaxed. This era is also known for its care and bathing rituals. Located in front of the outdoor spa and featuring an indoor private spa, this suite incorporates all these elements to immerse you in almost-forgotten sensations.

La Garçonnière

The Love Nest

Inspired by rooms rented by some bourgeois in the 19th century to meet their mistresses, the Garçonnière is a charming small room with masculine and playful touches, where every detail immerses you in the Belle Époque of the 1890s. A selection of carefully chosen books and meticulous decoration extend this ambiance, identified upon arrival by a large, evocative reproduction of Gustav Klimt's work.

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