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Space Odyssey

Bubble Tents

"The immersion was complete, combining luxury and science fiction in an extremely refined manner." [translated; Brice on Airbnb, November 2023]

DJI_0385-Modifier copie.jpg

The space

Flexible aluminum air ducts line the edges of each bubble as if to remind us that without this propelled air, life in the space would be impossible.

The living Bubble

This large bubble is the living space: a lounge area with its period sofa in its original condition, in white leatherette, a white round dining table and its 2 white and red and white tulip chairs allow us right away to admire the forest and the sky in front of us, above and all around us.

inside the bubble tents lost in sensations
under the stars bubble tents lost in sensations

"We slept with a view of the stars and the undergrowth, which gives a mystical and magical side." [translated; Bastien on Airbnb, December 2023]

"The XXL bed plays with the round shapes of the bubbles that are reflected in the furniture... Winks everywhere, nothing seems improvised, everything is on theme, even these placemats with the constellation..."
[translated; Anne on Airbnb, October 2023]

room in bubble tents lost in sensations
spa under the stars lost in sensations

The stars

The bubbles and the terrace face the undergrowth. Design and vintage furniture is dedicated to us, with a lounge area, a very vintage dining corner, and at the end, a private SPA equipped with Bluetooth speakers, 3 seats, heated to 37°C year-round with no usage limits or constraints.

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