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Wellness & Spa

Our unique sanctuary offers repurposed horse stalls for massages, a spacious yoga and meditation lounge, a heated designer pool, and a distinctive barrel sauna amidst nature. Embrace tranquility with a variety of yoga styles, therapeutic signature massages, sun beds, and a hammock forest. Each element is designed to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation, providing a holistic escape into nature's embrace.

The Care

Former horse stalls repurposed into treatment rooms (massages, body and facial treatments) create a true sanctuary for us. Even within, it feels like we are in a pine and birch forest. It's a hub of wellness vibrations and relaxation offered by Naf and its wellness partners. These treatments can also be provided in dedicated accommodation spaces or even in the heart of the forest for an enhanced experience. We get to choose according to our current mood.

The Sauna & Hammock Forest

Unconventional and extraordinary by design! A barrel sauna with glass fronts at both ends, set amidst nature yet close to all facilities. It offers an exceptional sensory experience available at any time. The highlight is at night, with subtle lighting to spot deer, roe, and wild boar that might casually pass by... At the sauna's base, a hammock forest and a large daybed invite us to cool down, perhaps to nap, or even to indulge in a sound bath.

Yoga & Meditation

Finally, the spacious room dedicated to yoga, meditation, and physical exercise, adorned in a slightly vintage style with natural and vibrant materials, beckons us to engage both body and mind.

The Heated Pool

Heated at 30 °C, the pool is open 24/7 from April to the end of October or mid-November, weather permitting. This pool is one-of-a-kind in France, designed and built by Laghetto©, an Italian luxury above-ground pool manufacturer. Named "Yacht Laghetto" for its yacht-inspired design, it is the sole installation of its kind in France. 

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