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The sound

Embrace the warmth of snug micro-lounges, each a transformed wine vat, centered around a glowing wood stove. This enclave is a tribute to music and the artful human form, brimming with sensual, creative energies. Indulge in the tactile beauty of human-focused art books, enhancing the allure of design and aesthetics. A sanctuary for sensory delight, conversation, and free-spirited dance. Savor exquisite curated wine and liquors in this retreat.

The Dining room

Dining is transformed into an unparalleled atmospheric experience. This design prompts introspection, challenges us, and occasionally provokes, sparking a yearning to understand ourselves better to enhance communal living and sharing. Naf presents dishes crafted by eminent chefs in the form of jars (Boco©: starter, main course, dessert) and offers an exquisite selection of top-tier wines acclaimed by Parker, Wine Spectator, and J. Suckling, along with fine and rare spirits that have topped global rankings and won multiple international awards.

The Scents

Situated next to the reception area and, with its heated umbrella, serves as a cozy gathering spot both day and night. It's a feast for the senses with an abundance of aromatic herbs. This delightful space becomes especially inviting at tea time, where Naf offers Mariage Frères teas and homemade treats like chocolate diamonds.

The conversation

'The place to be' for the sunset. Around a fire and on ultra-comfortable poufs, one delights in a good glass while enjoying the wonderful colors that only nature can create. It is yet another special moment to meet others and philosophize about the joys of 'getting lost in the sensations.'"

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