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The Caviar

Black Pearl 'Classic' Caviar from Aquitaine

This full-flavored caviar present a bold and saline long-lasting marine savor that provides a bouquet reminiscent of the traditional Russian caviar.
Matured for 6 to 12 months in the original tin

The Terrine & Tostine

The Poultry and Foie Gras Terrine I Boco©

An exquisite recipe by Fabien Pairon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in charcuterie.

The Hare Terrine with Savory and Hazelnuts I Maison Castaing

The Guinea Fowl Terrine with Honey and Grapes I Boco©

A handmade guinea fowl terrine with honey, white grapes, Port, and Cognac.

The Eggplant and Tomato Caviar with Espelette Pepper I Boco©

The Salmon Tostine I Boco© Gastronmy


The Sturgeon Tostine | Boco© Gastronomy

90 g

The Crab Tostine | Boco© Gastronomy

90 g

The Lobster Tostine | Boco© Gastronomy

90 g

Salmon and Scallop Terrine with Loriot Champagne, 90g I Boco©

Duck Rillettes with Orange | Boco© Gastronomy

A recipe signed by Fabien Pairon, M.O.F. charcutier: A mark of excellence from a Master of French charcuterie craftsmanship.

Zucchini and piquillo peppers confit with lemongrass | Boco© Gastronomy

An elegant dish featuring tender zucchini and sweet piquillo peppers, delicately infused with aromatic lemongrass, crafted to delight the senses.

Hummus with piquillo peppers | Boco© Gastronomy

Creamy hummus infused with the smoky sweetness of piquillo peppers, a sophisticated twist on a classic favorite.

The Foie Gras

Small-scale and free-range farming with a 100% natural diet of the finest foie gras duck (the slow-growing heavy strain Mulard duck).

Whole Foie Gras I Maison Castaing



Whole Foie Gras I Boco Gastronomy


Block of Duck Foie Gras I Maison Castaing

2 x 40g

Block of Goose Foie Gras

2 x 40g

The Iberian Charcuterie

Casa El Regalao. The Iberian ham and shoulder come from the Iberian pig breed. The main characteristics that differentiate them in terms of quality originate from the racial purity of the animals, from the extensive free-range breeding of the Iberian pig in wooded pastures ("dehesas") where it can move freely, as well as from their diet and the curing process of the ham.

Iberian Bellota Ham


Iberian Bellota Shoulder


Extra Iberian Chorizo

Prepared according to ancestral traditional recipes, using natural products of the highest quality.

Extra Iberian Sausage


The Cheese

Bespoke selection

The Menu

The Menu for one | Boco© Gastronomy

Soup, Main, Dessert

The Menu for two | Boco© Gastronomy

Soup, Main, Dessert

The Soup

The Velvety Butternut Squash Velouté I Boco©

Crafted by three-Michelin-starred chef Gilles Goujon.

The Cream of Lentil with Lard and walnut oil I Boco© Gastronomy

Crafted by two-starred Michelin chef Jean-Michel Lorain

The Pumpkin Velouté with Coconut I Boco© Gastronomy

Crafted by two-starred Michelin chef Jean-Michel Lorain

The chilled tomato gazpacho | Boco© Gastronomy

A refreshing chilled tomato gazpacho, crafted with ripe tomatoes and a blend of fresh herbs, delivering a vibrant and invigorating flavor.

The Main

The Beef Parmentier Confit I Boco© gastronomy

Crafted by three-Michelin-starred chef Régis Marcon, shredded beef slowly confit accompanied by a buttery mashed potato.

The Slow-cooked stewed pork with smooth, creamy carrot puree enhanced by earthy tones of cumin I Boco© gastronomy

Crafted by three-starred Michelin chef Emmanuel Renaut

Pork Stew, Potato Purée, Turmeric, and Espelette Pepper I Boco© gastronomy

Indulge in this flavorful signature dish from renowned chef Vincent Ferniot that showcases the tender, slow-cooked pork in its full glory. Accompanied by a velvety purée of potatoes, enriched with the warm, earthy tones of curcuma (turmeric), this dish strikes a perfect balance with a subtle kick from the renowned Piment d'Espelette. This culinary creation is a heartwarming blend of traditional comfort and sophisticated spice.

Saffron Blanquette of Pollack with Vegetable Tagliatelle | Boco© Gastronomy

Savor the essence of the sea with this signature dish from renowned chef Vincent Ferniot. This delicately poached pollock, bathed in a fragrant saffron sauce, is perfectly paired with crisp, hand-cut vegetable tagliatelles, offering a symphony of flavors in every bite.

Tartiflette with Smoked Duck Bacon I Boco© gastronomy

Experience the inventive genius of Chef Vincent Ferniot with this sophisticated and comforting dining delight that tantalizes the senses.

Chicken Curry | Boco© Gastronomy

tender chicken and aromatic spices meet in a velvety sauce, adorned with crisp vegetables and Parisian mushrooms. Each bite is a journey through layers of flavor, enhanced by sweet carrots, snow peas, and a hint of exotic curry. This symphony of ingredients is elegantly served over perfectly steamed Basmati rice,

Lemon Chicken Blanquette with Rice | Boco© Gastronomy

Pieces of poultry simmered with cream, Paris mushrooms, peas, and lemon, served with rice.

Duck Parmentier with carrot and orange mousseline | Boco© Gastronomy

A delicately slow-braised shredded duck, elegantly paired with a silky carrot and orange mousseline.

Tandoori chicken, eggplant caviar, and orange-glazed carrots | Boco© Gastronomy

Succulent Tandoori chicken, perfectly complemented by a silky eggplant caviar and vibrant orange-glazed carrots, a harmonious blend of exotic flavors and elegant presentation.

Salmon rillettes, pea hummus, and a salad of peas and chickpeas by Fabien Pairon | Boco© Gastronomy

Delight in the culinary artistry of Fabien Pairon with a harmonious blend of refined textures and vibrant flavors, creating an unforgettable gourmet experience.

Exclusive Off-Menu World Cuisine - upon request

Gourmet culinary experience of the rich flavors of India, the exotic spices of Morocco, the fresh and diverse tastes of Vegetarian fare, or the vibrant zest of Thai cuisine.


The Oceanic Delicacies

A Gourmet Assortment of Premium Seafood


The Dessert

The Valrhona Chocolate Mi-cuit I Boco© Gastronomy

Crafted by one-star Michelin chef Frédéric Bau
A must-taste! A chocolate cake with a melting, flowing heart.

The cheesecake with apricot compote infused with rosemary | Boco© Gastronomy

A velvety cheesecake topped with a vibrant apricot compote infused with aromatic rosemary, creating a delightful blend of creamy, fruity, and herbal flavors.

The Lemon Cream I Boco© Gastronomy

Experience the delicate artistry of Chef Vincent Ferniot with our Lemon Cream. This dessert blends zesty lemon flavors with a luxuriously smooth texture, offering a refreshing and sophisticated taste journey.

Petite crème with Madagascar vanilla | Boco© Gastronomy

A luscious petite crème infused with Madagascar vanilla, offering a rich and aromatic flavor, perfect for a sophisticated dessert experience.

Salted Butter Caramel Cream I Boco© Gastronomy

Velvety Vanilla Cream Draped in Luscious Salted Butter Caramel crafted by Vincent Ferniot, Boco© founder.

Apple-Pear Compote with Cinnamon | Boco© Gastronomy

This comforting dessert blends the sweetness of apples and pears with the warm spice of cinnamon, creating a simple yet elegant finale to your dining experience.

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