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bubble tent lost in sensations

The Bubble Tents

Bubble Tents '2001: A Space Odyssey'
A nod to S. Kubrick's vision, this deluxe bubble suite appeals to retro-futurism fans and stargazers alike. Step into a spacecraft-like ambiance, greeted by iconic imagery. Embrace the cosmic journey.

lodge out of africa lost in sensations

The Lodge

The "Out of Africa" lodge draws inspiration from the masterpiece autobiography by K. Blixen.  The view under the forest canopy, penetrated by rays of sunlight, is breathtakingly beautiful.

yurt lost in sensations

The Yurt

A traditional 66 m2 Mongolian yurt, featuring typical paintings and bohemian chic decor from various backgrounds inside. A delightful blend of materials and colors pleases the eye, with countless wool rugs on the floor reflecting the sought-after cultural diversity.

gatsby lost in sensations

Gatsby Suite

The bedroom features a queen-size bed with a highly comfortable, high-end mattress. It boasts one wall adorned with ceramic tiles, striped in black and white, embellished with golden streaks, and mixed with marble. The other walls are painted black, and an almond green ceiling completes this bold, immersive aesthetic.

riviera suite lost in sensations

The Riviera

The room features a queen-size bed with a top-of-the-line mattress that is very comfortable, albeit a bit firm. The headboard is made of black wood and natural caning, matching its wardrobe and bedside lamps.

garconniere room love nest

The Garçonnière

A small but very comfortable love-nest room for lovers (or solo travelers). An Italian shower with "Parisian Metro" tiles and its separate adjoining toilet propel us into the preparation for the 1900 World's Fair.

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